Elaine Rabbitt

Elaine Rabbitt is a social historian at the University of Notre Dame Australia and associated with the Broome Historical Society. She specializes in Aboriginal and Intercultural Studies and Oral Histories, recording, researching, and mobilizing knowledge and stories from individuals in Australian communities. Her publications in the area include:

  • Rabbitt, E. (2017) Right way learning: Oral history training in Australia. In Palgrave Studies in Oral History. Oral History and Education: Theories, Dilemmas, and Practices. Palgrave Macmillan: UK.
  • Rabbitt, E. (2014) Accredited training: Enhancing the prominence of oral history in Australia, Oral History Association Australia Journal No. 36.
  • Rabbitt, Elaine (2015) Oral history and education: The role of oral history for social justice-oriented learning. Paper presented at the University of Ottawa Oral history education workshop 2015 Oral history and education: Theories, dilemmas, and practices, Ottawa, Canada 24 – 25 May 2015.