Hugh de Ferranti

A specialist in the performance practices of historical Japanese music, Hugh de Ferranti has studied many forms of traditional instrumentation, including the work of blind zatobiwa musicians in Kumamoto Prefecture. He currently serves as Adjunct Associate Professor in the Faculty of Art, Social Sciences, and Education at the University of New England, specializing in Japanese musicology. De Ferranti has received numerous publication awards in the field of Asian musicology scholarship. His publications include:

  • De Ferranti, Hugh. The Last Biwa Singer : a Blind Musician in History, Imagination, and Performance. Ithaca, N.Y: East Asia Program, Cornell University, 2009.
  • De Ferranti, Hugh. “Taming the Reciting Voice: Satsumabiwa Text-Scores and Their Roles in Transmission and Performance.” Context 31, no. 31 (2006): 137–149.