Matt James

A political scientist who works on separation and transitional justice, Matt James also specializes in social memory, political apologies, and Canadian politics. His current research projects focus on critical engagement with truth commissions and apologies, and community and political responses to acts of hate. His recent publications in the area include:

  • “Separate National Apologies, Transnational Injustices: Second World War Oppression, Anti-Japanese Persecution, and the Politics of Apology in Five Countries” Global Studies Quarterly 2:4 (2022), ksac079.  Co-authored with Jessica Fernández de Lara Harada, Masumi Izumi, Monica Okamoto, and Jordan Stanger-Ross.
  • “The Structural Injustice Turn, the Historical Justice Dilemma, and Assigning Responsibility with the TRC Report.” Canadian Journal of Political Science 2021. Firstview publication date 07 June 2021.