Monica Setuyo Okamoto

Monica Setuyo Okamoto is an Associate Professor of Japanese Literature at the Federal University of Paraná, Brazil. Having studied extensively the Nikkei community in her home country of Brazil, her work has focused on the Japanese-Brazillian press and issues surrounding immigration and community. As a visiting Scholar in Residence for Past Wrongs, Future Choices, her work addresses the confinement of Japanese-Brazillians in the area of Acará, Pará, and the removal of persons of Japanese and German ancestry from the port of Santos, São Paulo in 1942-43. Her works include:

  • Okamoto, Monica Setuyo. “A Educação Ultranacionalista Japonesa no Pensamento dos Nipo-Brasileiros.” História da Educação 22, no. 55 (2018): 225–243.
  • James, Matt, Jessica Fernández de Lara Harada, Masumi Izumi, Monica Okamoto, and Jordan Stanger-Ross. “Separate National Apologies, Transnational Injustices: Second World War Oppression, Anti-Japanese Persecution, and the Politics of Apology in Five Countries.” Global Studies Quarterly 2, no. 4 (2022).