Naoko Kato

Dr. Naoko Kato is an instructor of modern East Asian history at St. Mark’s College. She is an information resources specialist at the North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources and a former Japanese language librarian at the University of British Columbia. Naoko is a Scholar in Residence on the Past Wrongs, Future Choices project. Her residency project examines the suppression and deliberate destruction of Japanese-language books during the war in Brazil and Canada.
Her published works include:

  • Kato, Naoko. “Saving China and Admiring Japan: Cultural Traitor Qian Daosun,” Special Issue: Mediating Collaborationism: Cosmopolitism, Asianism, and the Recounting of History, Modern Asian Studies
  • Kato, Naoko. Kaleidoscope: The Uchiyama Bookstore and its Sino-Japanese Visionaries. Hong Kong: Earnshaw Books, December 2022.
  • Kato, Naoko. “Uchiyama Bookstore: Sino-Japanese Cultural Exchanges in the Midst of War,” in Jonathan Henshaw, Craig Smith, and Norman Smith, eds., Translating the Occupation: The Japanese Invasion of China, 1931–45. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2021.