Shigeru Kojima

The chief researcher and curator at the Japanese Overseas Migration Museum, Shigeru Kojima’s expertise lies in Japanese migration and migration history. He took part in establishing the Japanese Overseas Migration Museum at the JICA Yokohama, and is an invited researcher at Waseda University in the Advanced Research Center for Human Sciences, engaged in migration studies. His publications include:

  • Kojima, S. (2011). Kaigai ijyu to imin, hojin, nikkeijin (Immigrants, Japanese nationals, and the nikkeijin in Overseas Migration) in Higashi Asia no Diaspora (Diaspora in East Asia). Akashi Shoten.
  • Kojima, S. (2007). Nikkei Community no shorai to matsuri (The Future of the Nikkei Community and festivals) in Iwao Yamamoto (Eds.) The Nanboku America no Nikkei bunka (Nikkei Culture in North and South America). Jimbun Shoin.